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Whether they’re designed for safety, protection from the wind, security or just for a sophisticated look, GP Glass have an extensive range of glazed balustrades from framless, semi-frameless through to framed solutions. Our high quality products are designed to bear the brunt of the harsh Tasmanian weather conditions and coastal seaspray. 


Our Balustrade is framed with high quality materials for maximum durability and reliability. It is designed to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing to fit any decor. It is easy to install and will provide years of enjoyment. The robust frame and construction ensures it will stand up to any weather conditions. Our Balustrade is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Semi-Frameless Balustrade
Frameless Balustrade


Frameless balustrade is constructed using high-quality materials, providing a modern look and superior durability. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, it features a sleek, contemporary design that blends with any existing décor. Its corrosion-resistant construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. It is quick and easy to install, and its sleek lines add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Frameless Fixing Options

Choose from a variety of frameless glass mounting solutions that will best complement your design.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 130605.png
Screenshot 2023-12-13 130632.png
Screenshot 2023-12-13 132555.png
Screenshot 2023-12-13 132530.png
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