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  • Do you have products on display?
    Yes, GP Glass has one of the largest showrooms on the North-West Coast with windows, doors, security screens, shower screens and more on display.
  • Can I supply my own sizes for GP Glass to provide a quotation?
    Yes you can provide us with written sizes of the products with opening orientation either in a word document or sketch (keeping in mind all of our products are viewed from the outside). We prefer to have the measurements supplied in millimeters and Height x Width. Please also make sure you note down what type of glazing you would like in your frames and the colour.
  • Can GP Glass measure products for supply and delivery only service?
    No, GP Glass won't provide on-site check measuring for items that are not installed by GP Glass. Each installer has a different method of installing products therefore the person you choose to carry out the installation is the person responsible for manufacture sizes and written acceptance of sizes is required. Please ensure our products are installed in accordance to AS 2047—1999. If you are unsure on how to install our products please contact us for a downloadable installation manual.
  • Can GP Glass provide quotations off plans generated by a draftsman or architect?
    Yes, GP Glass can provide supply and deliver quotations off plans. Please ensure you send the below pages; * Front Cover (Showing BAL and Wind Rating) * Elevations * Floor Plan * Window and door schedule * Energy Report
  • Do you install shower screens and mirrors?
    Yes, GP Glass have a large range of customizable shower screens available and can also supply safety vinyl backed polished edge mirrors to fix directly to your wall or vanity doors.
  • What payment terms and types do you accept?
    A 50% deposit is require on acceptance of quotation. The final 50% is required prior to delivery date or to installation date being confirmed. You can pay via Direct Debit BSB: 037-604 Account No: 263 222 Account Name: GP Glass Pty Ltd Branch: Westpac Devonport Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and cash payments accepted in our showroom.
  • Do you enclose outdoor areas?
    Yes GP Glass can help you entertain all year round by enclosing your outdoor area with windows and doors to existing structure. Please note that if any structural construction is required you will have to hire a qualified carpenter at additional costs. Enclosing roofs with glass also requires structural engineering at your own cost. To provide pricing and information on this type of project a site visit is required, please get in touch with us to make an anointment.
  • Do you have disabled access?
    Yes we are disability friendly with designated disabled parking spot, ramped access and wheel chair friendly entrance.
  • How long does it take to receive a quote?
    It can take up two weeks from either measurements supplied or site measures to receive your quotation.
  • What preparations do I need to make for delivery?
    A clear area to enable the products to be stacked as per the requirements. A clear path from the truck to the determined stacking area. Hard stand (concrete/bitumen) to be provided if required to leave the road surface. Safe access to the lot for the purpose of parking and unloading the vehicle. Additional persons to help unload (only one truck driver is provided by GP Glass)
  • What are timber reveals?
    Reveals are the timber liners on the inside of the window. They link the plaster, studs, cavity off the wall, and the cladding system being used. Timber architraves can be fixed to the inside edge of the reveals and for a modern finish square set plaster finish can be used to give a continuous plaster line back to the window frame. Some typical sizes of the reveals are; · 135mm for brick veneer with plaster (10mm) stud (90mm) and brick cavity (40mm). · 100mm for Colorbond and weatherboard cladding with plaster (10mm) stud (90mm) cladding (20mm). **Battens maybe required · Square set 125 + 2mm gap for brick veneer and 90mm + 2mm gap for most weatherboard applications. TAS OAK Tasmanian Oak is a hardwood timber and is used where clear finish is needed (finish completed by others not GP Glass). Tas Oak reveals are available up to widths of 185mm. PRE-PRIMED Primed Meranti is used where a paint finish is needed. It comes with a white primed base coat on visible sides. Give the reveals a light sand before painting and it will give you an excellent smooth finish. Pre-primed reveals are also used when square set plaster is needed. Primed Meranti reveals are available up to a width of 135mm. MERANTI For oversized reveals we can offer a 285mm meranti reveal that is rough primed and will require a light sanding prior to painting (sanding completed by others not GP Glass). All timber reveals are subject to imperfections, GP Glass is not responsible for sanding or bogging of timber reveals.
  • Do you offer double glazing?
    Yes we offer a large selection of standard double glazing products as well as high performance double glazing products, for example Lightbridge Next
  • Why do my windows and doors have white T's on them?
    According to AS1288-2006 Australian Standards Glass in Building any glazing that is capable of being mistaken for a doorway or opening must have a motif displayed on the glass. Motifs are required for the following: A glass doorway, for example sliding door, bi-fold door, hinged door, must be fitted with Safety A glass or laminated glass An opening between inside and outside of a building, for example a full glass fixed panel Any glazing that can result in human impact, causing any type of bodily harm to a human being.
  • The sizes provided by GP Glass on our quotation, are they the stud sizes?
    No, the sizes you see on your quotation are overall aluminum sizes. You need to add a minimum of 50mm to the sizes of the windows and doors. For any products that don't require a bottom reveal, please only add 30mm to the heights and not 50mm.
  • Is there different colours available in the chain winders?
    Yes! You can choose from Black, White or Silver
  • Are these different hardware options for your doors?
    Yes! We have a large selection on hardware personally selected by our team. All hardware options are on display in our showroom.
  • Do you offer replacement window and door service?
    Yes we can provide you with a quotation to replace your existing windows and doors with new. We do require a site visit to inspect the building and measure the products prior to initial quotation. Get in touch with us to book in an appointment.
  • Can GP Glass install products without taking on-site measurements?
    No, GP Glass have to inspect the wall types, architrave types and general measurements to ensure the products we manufacture are fit for purpose and fit into existing spaces.
  • How long does the process take?
    Quotations and site visits can generally take up to two - three weeks from initial enquiry. Once the quotation is accepted our installer will be contact to carry out the final measurements. Once the final measurements are completed, your order is sent to production which is scheduled into our next available manufacturing spot. When the manufacturing process is fully completed your order will be booked in for installation. If flashings are required, these are measured after the products have been installed and the installer will be back to fit these within a two week period.
  • Do you remove the blinds and furniture?
    No, it is the clients responsibility to remove and re-install all blinds and any objects obstructing windows/doors. If in pre-approved instances GP Glass carry out this service additional charges maybe applied. GP Glass takes no responsibility of any damage that may occur during the installation process to objects and blinds.
  • Do you take the old windows and doors away?
    Disposal of existing windows and doors from site is an additional charge of $500 for GP Glass to dispose.
  • Does double glazing eliminate condensation?
    There’s a common misconception that condensation is caused by poor quality or defective windows and doors. However, this is not the case. In nearly all instances, the key cause of condensation is interior humidity. Two adults sleeping can expire up to half a litre of water overnight. This is why, in the morning, bedroom windows can have condensation. There are many steps you can take to stop condensation on your double glazed windows. Here are some ways to reduce condensation in the home: Ventilate Rooms Aim to open windows for about 20 minutes daily (yes, even in winter!) Use an Extractor Fan If you’re cooking or showering, using an extractor fan will help to remove damp air from your room before it can settle on surfaces and cause problems. Use a Dehumidifier You may want to invest in a dehumidifier, which will extract moisture from the air. Don’t Dry Laundry Inside Drying wet clothes inside significantly increases the amount of water vapour in the air. If drying laundry outside isn’t an option, ensure the space around your laundry is as ventilated as possible. Rearrange Your Houseplants Did you know that the more houseplants you have, the more moisture you’ll find in the air? Try moving your houseplants outside during the winter or choosing plants that absorb humidity, such as ferns, palms or cactus.
  • Is screen door adjustment included in my warranty?
    No, roller adjustment on fly doors and security screens in not covered in your warranty. It is the responsibility of the installer/purchaser to ensure all rollers are adjusted accordingly after installation.
  • When does my warranty period begin?
    The GP Glass warranty period begins the day the order is delivered to site. All frames are to be inspected for damage or incorrect size on day of delivery with GP Glass to be notified by email of any issue within 4 days from delivery date. Notification after this period will not be accepted by GP Glass. If your windows and doors were apart of a new construction the original purchaser, generally the builder, is responsibly for ensuring the care and maintenance is adhered too during the construction period.
  • My windows are leaking when I put a hose on them, why?
    When washing your windows and doors, never direct powerful streams of water directly at the window(s) or door(s). To gently clean and avoid the risk of water leaking into your home, use the sprinkle setting on your hose’s nozzle and direct the water downwards.
  • I've noticed a scratch in my glass, is this covered under warranty?
    Scratches in glass are only covered under warranty if written notification is provided within 4 days of the products being on-site. After this time-frame, product warranty does not cover surface damage to glass and a site service quotation will automatically be sent.
  • My windows have moisture between the glass panes, is this covered under warranty?
    Yes, any moisture or fogging between the double glazed panes are covered by a seven year warranty. The glass will be removed from the frame and new panel reglazed into it's position. You must provide all required information when submitting a warranty claim, please click below button for more information.
  • My sliding windows and doors aren't sliding properly anymore, what can I do to fix them?
    When sliding doors and windows no longer slide smoothly, it’s a sign that the products rollers are worn. This will occur over time due to product use. To prolong the life of the rollers in your windows and doors, vacuum the sill regularly to remove dust, dirt and insects which cause a build-up of grit in the rollers. On an annual basis, clean tracks by wiping with light machine oil, such as sewing machine oil, to assist with smoother operation.
  • I have dry cement on my windows, how do I get it off?
    Use plenty of water and let it soak onto the cement. Gradually lift off the cement from the frame or glass using a sponge or rag. Do not use any abrasive objects.
  • Are there different frame colours available?
    Yes! Our standard colours are White, Bright Silver and Black, however you can get your frames powdercoated from a large selections of colour choices.
  • Are there different hardware options for my showerscreen?
    Yes there is a large selections of options provided by Pivotech
  • I have an odd shaped showerscreen, can you custom make to suit my bathroom?
    We certainly can! All our showerscreens are manufactured here in Spreyton to suit any bathroom design.
  • Do have disabled friendly showerscreen options?
    Yes, thanks to the team at Pivotech we can manufacture a sill-less showerscreen for ease of access. The Phoenix sill-less framed shower screen is perfect where barrier-free access is required, like assisted living facilities. These shower enclosures offer trusted and definitive design. Removing the sill allows for seamless, uninterrupted movement from the bathroom into the shower. .
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