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Awning Window

The most favourite window out of the bunch because it offers ventilation and security from not only intruders but from the rain as well!. The chain winders hold the windows in place and prevent slamming in gusty weather. The hood provides protection from rain, wind and dust at the same time providing airflow.

All winders come keyed for added security and have stainless steel chains. Flyscreens can be fitted as required. Colonial and federation bars can also be added to your awning window.

Awning windows can be glazed in single or double glazing
Bi-Fold Window

Sliding Window

Sliding windows provide a minimalist result with a sense of openness and freedom. The amount of ventilation can be varied with a touch of your hand.
The aluminium frame slides smoothly and security is outstanding with interlocking of the sliding and fixed sash stiles when closed and a ventilation key lock is available allowing windows to be locked in a choice of two open positions.

Single and double glazing can be used in sliding windows including further options like colonial bars and federation bar layouts as well as flyscreens to keep unwanted pests out.

Bi-Fold Window Web

Bi-Fold Windows

Open your room and bring the outside in by folding back the bifold windows, which combines and maximises your living and entertainment areas.

Drop bolts are an added security feature that come in your choice of satin chrome or gold plated finishes.

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Aneeta Sashless Window

Aneeta Windows sashless windows are a popular choice with architects, interior designers and the home owner because they deliver the look of fixed glass with the practicality of an opening window. Best described as two panes of glass which overlap when opening or closing, the simplicity and sleek look define why the windows are referred to as “sashless”.

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