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Hinged Door

Hinged doors in aluminium and glass are ideal in any situation, from front doors to utility doors. They can be supplied in standard configurations or follow a more developed design approach. The door stiles and rails are substantial and strong, and come with many upgrade options - decorative glazing bars, choice of attractive hardware, highlights, sidelights and adjacent windows in a range of configurations.

Bottom rails are available in standard size to match the rest of the door, or can be made deeper with the addition of a rail extender that gives a more traditional appearance. Weathering is achieved through a sill drainage system and backing seal design. Highly secure door locks are available.

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Sliding Door

Sliding doors make your home look bigger and brighter.
Sliding doors are fitted with adjustable, long lasting single nylon rollers that glide smoothly on extruded aluminium tracks. Protection from the wind, rain and dust is provided by interlockers fitted to the door stile and mullion. These lock together when closed for additional security.
All glass panels have a visual motif strip for added safety and sump sill doors designed for easy wheelchair access are available. Double glazing is available for energy efficiency requirements. Colonial and federation bars can also be added to the sliding door.

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Bi-Fold Door

A bi-fold door folds into a discrete stack when opened, leaving an opening unobstructed by beams or frames. This means a bi-fold door can provide a great breeze and unparalleled access to the outdoors.

Bi-fold doors are ideal for joining living rooms with verandas, gardens, patios or pool areas to maximize room space for entertainment.

You can purchase screens for bi-fold doors from Phantom Screens.

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Sliding Stacker

Sliding stacker doors open to provide a wide two-thirds opening for easy access. The sliding stacker extends your indoor and outdoor living areas dramatically.

Stacker doors can be double glazed, screens and deadlocks can also be fitted.

Colonial and federation bar layouts are available for the more traditional look


Amplimesh ®

The perfect complement to your home. Designed to enhance the concept of indoor-outdoor living. Amplimesh® Security Screens provide a security system without compromising your home’s design.

 Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003 – Security Testing
Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003 – Grille Shear Test
Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003 – Knife Shear Test
Australian Standard AS1530.4-2005, Appendix B7 – Fire Attenuation Test
Australian Standard AS1530.8.1-2007 – Bushfire Test

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